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Criminal (Acoustic Version)
Criminal (Official Acoustic Version)
Don't Keep Me Waiting (Acoustic Version)
Hold It Against Me (Mega 94 Exclusive Acoustic Version)

Bonus Tracks / Demos


...Baby One More Time (Original-Vocals No Studio Edit)
 ...Baby One More Time (Without Background Vocals)
Sometimes (Alternative Version)

Oops I Did It Again Era


Britney Era

I'm A Slave 4 U (Without Background Vocals)
Overprotected (Alternative Version)
When I Found You

In The Zone Era

Don't Hang Up.mp3
(I Got That) Boom Boom (Alternative Version Without Ying Yang Twins)
Me Against The Music Remix
Me Against The Music (Alternative Version Without Madonna)
The Answer.mp3

Original Doll Era

All that she wants.mp3
[All that she wants REMIX].mp3
Dramatic (Remastered)
Dramatic (Solo Demo)
Little Me
Mona Lisa (On Radio)
Money Love Happiness
Ouch Snippet

Blackout Era

And Then We Kiss
A Song About You
Baby Boy (demo)
Baby Boy
Break The Ice
Break The Ice (Talking)
Cold As Fire
Everybody Album version
Everybody Demo
Get Back.mp3 Album Version
Get Back Demo
Gimme More (ft. Lil Wayne) Remix.mp3
Gimme More Acoustic Demo
Gimme More (Without Background Vocals)
Got Me High (Perfect Lover Demo)
Heaven On Earth
(Hooked On) Sugarfall
Hot As Ice
I Said / Gotta Get It
It's Been A While (Break The Ice Demo)
Kiss You All Over (Demo)
Kiss You All Over
Love Is (A State Of Grace)
Outta This World
Outta This World (Alternative Version)
Peep Show (snippet)
Piece Of Me (Radio Rip)
Radar (Alternative Version)
Sippin' On (Remastered)
State Of Grace (Demo)
Stupid Things (Why Should I Be Sad Demo)
Tell Me What You Sippin' On (Demo).mp3
Touch Of My Hand (Alternative Version)
Toy Soldier (Demo)
We Can Do It (Get Naked Demo)
When I Grow Up (Demo)
When U Gon Pull It
Your... (Heaven On Earth Demo)

Circus Era

3 With out background vocals.mp3
Britney Spears - Amnesia.mp3
Fillin' Me Up (Ooh Ooh Baby Demo)
If U Seek Amy (Without Background Vocals)
Britney Spears -Quicksand.mp3
Britney Spears -Rock Boy.mp3
Britney Spears - Rock me in.mp3
Britney Spears - Trouble.mp3
Womanizer (Without Background Vocals)

Femme Fatale Era

Big Fat Bass (Britney Solo Version)
Don't Keep Me Waiting.mp3
(Drop Dead) Beautiful (Britney Solo Version)
Drop Dead) Beautiful Acapella
Britney Spears - He About To Lose Me.mp3
Hold It Against Me (Without Auto-Tune)
Hold It Against Me (Without Background Vocals)
Till The World Ends (Explicit Version)
Till The World Ends (Without Background Vocals)
Up N' Down.mp3

Leaked Unkown Era

Look Whos Talking Now.mp3
Love To Love You
Strangest Love HQ
Super Lover (by Lady Gaga Britney Backing Vocals)

Tour Tracks

Circus Tour

Break The Ice (Circus Tour Breakdown)

Femme Fatale Tour Interludes



01 Game Of Cat And Mouse (Instrumental)
02 Sweet Seduction (Instrumental)
03 The Temptress (Instrumental)
04 Code Name: Trouble (Instrumental)
05 Sexy Assasin (Instrumental)

Remix Tracks

Britney feat. Madonna - Open Your Heart.mp3
Britney-vs-Justin-Boys I Like Love You.mp3
Britney Toxic Rock Remix.mp3
Britney Spears - Everytime (Techno Remix).mp3
Everytime Heavy rock version.wma
Femme Fatale (Kitty Deluxe Megamix).mp3


Britney Spears - Gimme More (Stems Pack)
Includes: -Bass, -Drums, -Guitar, -Stab Synth, - Swish, - Synth Attack, - Synth One, Synth Two, Violin

Studio Recordings

I Will Be There (Studio Version)


01. Intro ...Baby One More Time (Unplugged)
02. Womanizer (Unplugged)
03. Don't Keep Me Waiting (Unplugged)
04. Criminal (Unplugged)
05. Gimme More (Unplugged)
06. I'm A Slave 4 U (Unplugged) I'm A Slave 4 U (Unplugged) I'm A Slave 4 U (Unplugged)
07. If U Seek Amy (Unplugged)
08. Break The Ice (Unplugged)
09. Hold It Against Me (Unplugged)
10. He About To Lose Me (Unplugged)
11. Toxic (Unplugged)

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