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Sometime we have some fun in this fanbase and that was us with Selfish by Britney vs Justins Selfish .... but he has taken it too far with yet again after RCA clearly posted up via Britneys instagram an Appoligy to him for us making her song number 1 over his and trolling his comeback track he chose to diss Britney before performing CMAR so now its time to #cancelJustinTimberlake or Timberflake as we like to call him.

Britney has been nothing but sweet to him and did that sorry post the help him and what does he do in return... he does what he is always doing when he needs a boost in sales or media he took a dig at our Britney. so as a proud member of the Britney army... lets fight back and cancel him once and forall for his choice to come at her again (yet again) for no reason at all but to boost his sales.

so as per out tweet below.... Lets Buy and Stream Liar by Britney Spears and let the world see Britney made a response to CMAR years ago and just didn't release it as a single and attack him with it. Don't worry Britney we got you and its time to show Justin you mention her we are not standing by and letting it go unnoticed unless you finally choose to not fake a sorry and take responsitblity for everything and everytime you have gone after her for no reason... and Lance we are watching so back off.