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We can't stand by and let people attack Britney over the Justin Timberlake parts of the book that have come out. See previous post... but we can take a stand and show our support for her by saying... let her have her moment to let out what has not been her choice to do this whole time... she's not aiming to go after anyone...  but to release this and move on.

We ask the media to please take this on and support her.

stop defining the ones again just using this as an example Justin and say she's crazy... etc they broke up years ago... clearly given not less than 2 months ago he yet again took shad towards her... let's let her get it out... and not attack her for it. He's a big boy... he could leave it be and follow his teams advice and stop performing the song...

Again let her release the book and live her life... please 🙏 

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