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Brand: VIP Private Show
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Hey guys we have come across a HQ version of the video from the Radio Disney Music Awards finally and here it is for you to all download and watch too.

Emotion that did not fit in the heart, was what our diva showed us when receiving the Icon Awards, see the performance, the prize wrapping and a chat behind the scenes.
Tribute + Speech + Backstage Interview @ Radio Disney Music Awards 2017
Size: 531.9 MB
Format: MP4 HD 1080P

Are you ready to go behind the world that was Intimate Britney Range and just what happened with the Australian relaunch event that we didn't get to party at...

here is the official tease.

EXCLUSIVE Australian documentary - the REAL story behind the planned launch... All New in 2017
Celebrity interviews, shocking revelations, find out what REALLY took place and why the launch NEVER happened.
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Larry Rudolph, Britney‘s longtime manager, is reportedly “in talks” with Broadway theater director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell (Kinky BootsOn Your Feet!) about turning Britney's discography into “a full-fledged theater production,” according to a Forbes interview.

“It would NOT be autobiographical,” Mitchell said, insisting the songs would be used to form “a fictional narrative, like Mamma Mia!” instead. (Or, gulp, the Spice Girls‘ ill-fated Viva Forever.)

And while Mitchell confirmed the conversation taking place, Forbes adds that no concrete plans have been made just yet: “Rudolph and Mitchell are still mulling over the idea, and no timeline has been announced.”

We shall keep you posted.

Source: popcrush


The Madame Tussauds Museum in Thailand unveiled a new Britney Spears statue.


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