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Britney Broadway musical

The "Britney" Musical on Broadway is a fact!

The producers already presented the show officially to the princess of pop.

For a year now there has been a rumor that a Britney Spears musical would be performing on Broadway, which would not be autobiographical and would have a fictional story like mamma Mia! Who used Abba songs.

A few days ago, new photos of Britney Spears came out in New York to attend the first reading of the show, which confirms that the project is already running and will be a fully licensed production by Britney.

This new project is still unknown to the name since it has not yet been officially announced so we also do not know its opening date. The success of this project could guarantee an adaptation to the cinema in a few days.

Source :Migue Spears: My pieces of Britney Spears

"What are @britneyspears most disrespected singles? Gimme More, Piece o Me, Womanizer, Circus, If U Seek Amy, 3, Till The World Ends & I Wanna Go. ALL CURRENTLY MULTI-PLATINUM IN SALES, BUT NOT CERTIFIED BY @RIAA AT ALL! @LarryRudolph & @RCARecords need to at least update these!"

Source : Twitter @AudioBritney

"Alien" from Britney Spears’ eighth studio album has sold an estimated 280,000 copies ww, despite not being a single

Source : Twitter @Lovekneedown

If you thought the workout videos Britney Spears recently posted on social media looked grueling, the pop superstar confirms that they were — even if she and her trainer boyfriend made it look easy.

Spears and Sam Asghari went through intricate movements, including Asghari lifting Spears several times and Spears doing a headstand — and it seemed effortless. But in reality, Spears says he put her through it.

"He's a trainer so everything has to be so perfect. We probably did 40 (takes) and I hurt myself," she joked in an interview with The Associated Press. "It looked great, he did a good job and he edited it really, really well."

She said she'll often tap her oldest son, Sean Preston, to shoot her videos and photos for social media and those are usually in one take.

"With (Sam), I did it a million times and I swear it was horrible, but when I do it just with my kids it's really fast," she said.

Spears said she prefers challenging workouts because she has "always been an active person" and gets bored easily. She plans to ramp up those exercises in the coming weeks as she prepares to return to touring with the "Piece of Me" tour, sponsored by Pepsi. She'll also be one of the superstars included in the Pepsi Generations summer campaign where the company will reissue retro cans featuring acts that have participated in earlier campaigns, including Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.

Spears' tour takes her Las Vegas residency on the road and will be the last opportunity for fans to see that show. She'll perform dates across North America and Europe. It kicks off July 12 in Washington, D.C.

Spears said she looks forward to getting back onstage because it helps bring her out of her shell.

"I'm very sensitive and sometimes I just want to run away because I'm a very shy person," she said in a phone interview Wednesday. "I think energy is contagious and when I get onstage with the dancers, we all kind of vibe off each other. We feel the same energy and we connect."

Watching Spears perform, it may be difficult to imagine that she may not be outgoing, but she said she has a stage persona that takes over in front of an audience.




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