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Britney Spears took her sons Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline to Disneyland this weekend to celebrate their birthdays. The princess of pop shared photos of her sons and their friends enjoying their time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

"So much fun celebrating the boys' birthdays at @disneyland yesterday!!!" BritBrit captioned the photo.

Sean and Jayden have birthdays that are just a few days apart. Sean's big day is Sept. 14 and Jayden's birthday is Sept. 12. The two are turning 12 and 11 years old, respectively.

But the boys weren't the only ones having all of the fun. The "Toxic" singer also brought her boyfriend Sam Asghari to the party. The lovebirds met on the set of her music video for "Slumber Party" and were first rumored to be an item back in November.

The pop star shared a photo of her cuddling up to her guy on Instagram. 

Asghari shared the same photo along with the caption "Happiest man on earth @disneyland."


It looks like Spears and her crew hit up several attractions. The "Piece of Me" singer took a photo of the kids in front of the Sailing Ship Columbia at Frontierland within the Disneyland Park and snapped a pic of the group in front of the classic Mickey Mouse floral arrangement. The Daily Mail also shared photos of Spears and the boys riding the Radiator Springs Racers ride in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. So, it looks like the birthday group purchased the Park Hopper option to be able to move from one park to the next easily.

Spears co-parents Sean and Jayden with her ex Kevin Federline.

Throwing a party at Disneyland may be tough to beat, but Spears knows how to celebrate birthdays in style. Last year, she threw a Pokémon-themed party for her boys. We hope we get an invite to next year's celebration. 

Taken from TMZ.

Britney Spears spent millions in 2016, but dropped most of it in the same stores where you probably shop -- of course, you probably didn't make over $15 million last year.

TMZ obtained new docs filed in Britney's conservatorship, which show she dropped $10,956,873.91 last year. Sounds like a lot, 'cause it is, but the good news is she earned nearly $16 mil.

According to the docs, her biggest expenses include $122,613 for massages, grooming and nails ... $69,668 on wardrobe and $24,392 for hair and makeup. As much as she's been toning her bod ... the massages make sense.

Her pooches are still very well cared for -- $29,852 for the year, which is slightly down from the previous year.

As for shopping sprees ... she rarely spent more than a few hundred dollars at a time in Pottery Barn, Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons (lots o' groceries), Target and yes ... she had enough time to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond too.

Her total property and assets at year's end were $55,745,288 -- up about $5 million from 2015 -- and that number doesn't even include untold millions more in various trusts.

Britney Spears & Girls Aloud

Some pop history just over a decade ago, Britney recorded a version of a song that would become Graffiti My Soul with pop stalwarts Xenomania.

Of course, Britney’s version never saw the light of day, and instead it landed with Girls Aloud and was recorded and used on their second album What Will The Neighbours Say?

With That being known all this time about the two versions we finally got a confirmation its def say and locked away thanks to Xenomania’s Brian Higgins dropped a massive pop bombshell last night bia twitter.

A fellow fan was quick to ask if we could hear Britney's version but got this reply from the Xenomania Twitter handle replied: “There’s a version of GA & Britney singing GMS but it’ll probably stay in our Vast Vaults forever – a bit like the Vatican archive our VV’s.”

There's a version of GA & Britney singing GMS but it'll probably stay in our Vast Vaults forever - a bit like the Vatican archive our VV's https://twitter.com/joshuacurry_/status/907322976328208391 


Naturally, this sent fans into a frenzy. I mean lets face it another Britney song hell yes we want it. her demos are GOLD!! but also The very thought of Britney joining Girls Aloud for some pop magic is just too much to handle.

For now thou looks like we have just the fact of knowing its a thing.

“Tbh, I don’t own the GMS vocals by either GA or Britney – they belong to their respective labels so l cannae dee it! I’ll stop teasing!” Brian tweeted later on.


Someone start an online petition immediately and send us the link.

Watch this

We wanna know did you like this?

YouTube creator Andy Wu mashed up the song with Britney Spears' 2004 hit "Toxic."

The video kicks off with Spears cooing her catchphrase, "It's Britney, bitch," following what sounds like a phone ringing in its cradle. Cut to Swift's voiceover from the end of her "Look" video: "Don't call me that."

Wu's remix starts up immediately, with the driving beat of Swift's song synching up with the frantic intro strings of "Toxic." The scenes, too, alternate between Swift in a graveyard, then in a tub full of diamonds, to Spears and her posse causing mischief aboard an international flight. Swift's talked-about dance moves are spliced with the Spears' iconic shakes and struts in "Toxic," including a routine in that unforgettable nude, bedazzled bodysuit.

Swift's "Stream Co." robbery coincides with Spears' wild motorcycle chase on the back of Tyson Beckford's motorcycle (fitting, given Swift's own fierce scenes atop a motorcycle.)

The three-and-a-half minute clip ends with a dial tone, perhaps the music video equivalent of a mic drop.


Britney's Vevo



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