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Here’s some news that has gone under the radar for 59 days:  Britney Spears’ childhood home in Kentwood is for sale! In the midst of Britney’s conservatorship battle, her dad Jamie Spears has put the family home on the market. Before you begin dreaming up a shrine to your favorite pop star, you need to know that the Spears family absolutely does not want the property turned into a Britney-themed attraction. And their lawyers will ensure that wish is honored.
That being said, if you’re in the market for a ranch-style 3-bedroom home in rural Kentwood, Louisiana, here’s everything you need to know about Britney’s childhood home on 14550 Greenlaw Church Road in Kentwood, LA.
14550 Greenlaw Church Road in Kentwood – where Britney Spears grew up. Image courtesy of Zillow

Britney’s childhood home is located on 14550 Greenlaw Church Road in Kentwood, Louisiana. The home was listed for sale 59 days ago, according to Zillow. Less than 400 people have seen it only 16 have saved it. It has yet to be featured by any mainstream news media outlets, which may be why it’s still on the market.

The asking price for the ranch-style home is $289,000 – significantly higher than the $273,537 Zestimate and sale prices for similar properties in the area. The home is 2,299 sqft, set on a 1.87 acre lot. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The house  comes fully furnished, so all you have to do is move on in.

How we know this is Britney’s childhood home

Britney Spears’ childhood home was built in 1981 – the same year Britney was born. Britney grew up in this house and it’s where she shot her first Rolling Stone cover and conducted several media interviews.

Britney Spears childhood home living room
Britney Spears’ childhood home in Kentwood – this living room was featured in her Rolling Stone photoshoot. Image courtesy of Zillow

At one point, her cousin Laura Lynne even gave MTV cameras a tour of the house, including Britney’s bedroom.

If you need further proof, we pulled some public records to verify that this home is in fact owned by the Spears family. The property was transferred on Jan. 10, 2010 from Lynne Spears’ name to Jamie’s. It was recorded as a cash sale, priced at $50,000. On that same day, Jamie took out a $71,250 loan through First Horizon Bank. On Nov. 28, 2016 the property was once again documented as a cash sale from “Jamie and Lynn Inc.” to “James Parnell Spears”. Sale price: $0.

Britney Spears childhood home kitchen
The kitchen of Britney Spears’ childhood home in Kentwood, LA. Image courtesy of Zillow

Jamie Spears has maintained the property since and even added a building that briefly operated as a gym. Britney has talked how she used to teach classes at the gym as a child. There are even photos of her, doing gymnastics and dance lessons in the space.

Britney Spears childhood home gym
Formerly called Jamie’s Total Fitness, this space is where a young Britney Spears practiced her dance moves. Image courtesy of Zillow

Britney’s childhood bedroom

Britney Spears’ childhood bedroom is the only unfurnished room in the house. That’s because the entire bedroom was packed up and moved to the Kentwood Museum, which has its own Britney Spears exhibit.

In this 1999 clip, Britney gushes about the baby blue carpet in her room.

Interestingly, the entire house has wood floors and beige carpet  – except for Britney’s old room, which still has the blue carpet.

Britney Spears childhood bedroom in Kentwood, LA
Britney’s childhood bedroom in Kentwood, LA. Image courtesy of Zillow

Why you shouldn’t buy Britney Spears’ childhood home

As previously mentioned, the Spears family wants Britney’s childhood home to remain a single family residence. They will take legal action and invoke local ordinances to prevent this property from being used as a commercial property. That includes turning it into a museum or Airbnb.

It’s somewhat ironic, considering Britney’s dad had a full-on gym built on-site, but we digress.

Why is Jamie Spears selling the home?

It’s unclear why Jamie Spears is selling the family home. Back in 2000 Britney Spears bought her mom a custom-built $4.5 million mansion on the outskirts of town, called Serenity. While Lynne, Britney and younger sister Jamie Lynne moved into the new mansion, James Spears remained in the old home on Greenlaw Church Road before the couple eventually divorced. Jamie has maintained the property over the years and eventually  reconciled with Lynne in 2010.

What may explain the listing is that Jamie Spears stepped down as Britney’s conservator back in September 2020, following an altercation with Britney’s eldest son. Afterwards, Britney’s ex-husband Kevin obtained a restraining order against Jamie, barring him from being around his grandsons for the next five years.

As Britney’s conservator, Jamie earned a salary of $150,000 per year plus a 1.5% cut of her merchandise sales. Losing this source of income likely made selling the family’s uninhabited former home a sensible option.

Britney’s current home

Britney Spears does not live in Louisiana but she does occasionally drop by to visit family. Back in April, her sister Jamie Lynne posted a video on Instagram of the family visiting their former home on Greenlaw Church Road. Britney was seen in a brief clip at the beginning.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jamie Lynn Spears (@jamielynnspears) on 

Britney Spears currently lives in a $7.4 house in Thousand Oaks, CA. The property features 12,000 sqft of space, 21 acres of land and a massive pool that is frequently featured in Britney’s Instagram posts.

Fans have been worried as of late that Britney is being held there against her will, while her representatives insist she merely enjoys being a homebody.

The Britney Spears museum in Kentwood, LA

If you can’t buy Britney Spears childhood home, maybe you can visit her hometown.  The  Britney Spears Exhibit at the Kentwood Historical museum is an ode to Kentwood’s favorite hometown girl. It has been around since 2000 and features furnishing from Britney’s childhood bedroom, complete with dolls and stuffed animals.

The museum also boasts some incredible Britney memorabilia. The Spears family regularly sends new items to keep the exhibit fresh. Of note? The feathered wings Britney wore during her Vegas residency are on display at the museum. In exchange for a $3 donation, fans can take a photo in front of the wings. Take that, Austin wings mural!

What’s currently going on with Britney Spears?

What makes this story interesting is that Britney has been in the news a great deal lately due to her struggles with mental illness and her attempts to end her 12 year-long conservatorship. According to reports, Britney Spears was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 2008 and has battled with the illness (and her conservators) since.

Britney’s co-conservator Andrew Wallet, abruptly stepped down in April 2019 amidst concerns that “Substantial detriment, irreparable harm and immediate danger will result to the conservatee and her estate if the relief requested herein in not granted on an ex parte basis”.

It was later alleged that Britney had been checked into a rehab facility and held there against her will for three months.  Her team has adamantly denied this. Following her release, she appealed to a judge to end the conservatorship, something that has prompted concerns from her handlers and family.

Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, even petitioned the court for a say in her daughter’s personal and financial matters. Britney missed a July court date due to technical issues. A follow-up hearing has been scheduled for later in August and the judge is asking for a review of her financial matters. Most likely, the judge wants to get an understanding of why Britney Spears’ net worth is so low. The pop star has earned over $350 million throughout her career, yet court documents show her estate to be worth only $59 million.

The future of Britney’s freedom is uncertain and for that matter, so is the sale of her childhood home. With restrictions around how the property can be utilized, a small pool of local buyers and the coronavirus pandemic tightening belts, it will likely stay on the market for a while.

Britney Spears childhood home for sale Kentwood, LA
Britney Spears’ childhood home for sale in Kentwood, LA. Image courtesy of Zillow

The actress shared a tweet from Halsey that said, "If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence"


Jamie Lynn Spears is making one thing clear: she won’t stand for any negativity surrounding her sister Britney Spears.

On Tuesday, the actress spoke out on Instagram about the importance of respect when discussing mental illness — and hit back at trolls who demanded information on her pop star older sibling.

Jamie Lynn, 29, shared her thoughts on the subject on Instagram, quoting Halsey, who discussed the topic on Twitter earlier in the day.

"👆🏻👏🏻👆🏻👏🏻👆🏻. 'If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence'- HALSEY," Jamie Lynn wrote in her caption accompanying a screen grab of one of the singer's tweets.

The actress continued: "If you deal with mental illness or care for someone dealing with mental illness, then you know how important it is to respect the situation with privacy for the person, and the family trying to protect their loved ones, no matter how it may appear to the public, and as the public we must learn to do the same."

"I pray this doesn’t bring shame to anyone dealing with mental illness, you are not alone, and you are loved. Sending all my love and prayers to all of you♥️," she concluded.

Whereas neither Halsey or Jamie Lynn's posts specifically named the rapper, the two women seemed to reference Kanye West after he posted a string of cryptic tweets Monday night, ranting about his wife, Kim Kardashian West, mother-in-law Kris Jenner and other topics. A source told PEOPLE earlier this month that West, 43, is struggling through a bipolar manic episode, which concerned his loved ones.

While many fans assumed that Jamie Lynn was also referencing her older sister, she clapped back in the comments and responded to a troll who asked her to discuss her sister's mental health, as captured by Comments by Celebs.

"You have no right to assume anything about my sister, and I have NO right to speak about HER health and personal matters," Jamie Lynn wrote.


"She is a strong, badass, unstoppable woman, and that's the only thing that is OBVIOUS," she added.

In response to another commenter who demanded that Jamie Lynn and the rest of her family "speak out and clarify all these assumptions," she wrote, "I would never speak out just to clarify things to the public, when the person it pertains to does not want that to happen."

She added, "I'd rather take all the hate, then speak about someone elses [sic] personal matter, that they want to keep private."

Last year, Britney spent some time at an "all-encompassing wellness facility" and continued to receive outpatient therapy after her boyfriend Sam Asghari checked her out in late April, PEOPLE reported at the time.

A source told PEOPLE last May that the "Baby One More Time" singer was "dealing with debilitating emotional issues that need to be treated with medications" and that things for the star were "very up and down."

Later that month, however, Britney appeared in good spirits on Instagram, sharing, "... after therapy and being too serious it’s so nice to be silly !!!!!"

We are all for this and Timbaland consider this a PSA to stay away from attacking Britney when she has never done anything to you and didn't you make enought $$$$ over yours and JT crap years ago she should sue your ass but she is too nice for that.

here is the below article about it....


Britney Spears no longer has to face cyberbullying alone — whether it is a troll hiding behind a fake identity or singer/producer Timbaland. Britney’s boyfriend (and some believe fiance) has come to her defense once again after Timbaland publicly shamed her. Britney may have retired from her Las Vegas show and at this point, it is unclear if she plans to ever perform again, but her fans still love to hear her sing, watch her dance, goof around on social media, as well as, share bits of her life.

Britney has been through a lot and many of her fans are just happy that she is happy. She is in a loving relationship with Sam Asghari and she shares about the things that matter most to her on social media. She was having fun dancing in one of her videos and Timbaland took the video, put it on his Twitter account, and shamed her for it. Needless to say, Britney’s army of fans jumped to her defense and are furious. But not only that, Britney’s boyfriend Sam clapped back at Timbaland in Britney’s defense.

You may see the video that Timbaland shared along with the following message below.

Okkkkkkk @britneyspears like @lilduval said @TEYANATAYLOR you got 24 hours to respond

Sam responded to the tweet and Britney’s fans are thrilled.

Since when someone being themselves (extremely talented) is a problem? Don’t bother for a response from her she actually has real fans and people that have been inspired from her work unlike you that had to buy followers. I mean 3M followers 11k likes? Does that even make since [sic]. I even had to look you up?

Ouch! Sam is clapping back hard and it looks like he hit Timbaland upside his head!

The two have been spotted together on several occasions over the years, prompting fans to wonder just how close the two really are, and whether they stay in touch these days and below is a couple of things you may not have come accross previously.

They might not have a lot in common on the surface, but it seems as though Khloé Kardashian and Britney Spears do share a friendship. A few years ago, Kardashian and Spears were spotted together, attending a Nicki Minaj concert. While it is uncertain whether the two drove to the event together or simply crossed paths while at the show, the two certainly seemed to be having a great time.

Around the same time, Kardashian raved about how “funny and amazing” Spears is when the two were working together on The X Factor USA, according to Digital Spy. At the time, Kardashian admitted that “I am actually surprised at how honest she is on the show. I thought she would be more quiet and reserved, I think she’s hysterical.” Although Kardashian and Spears have not been spotted together in recent years, it seems likely that the two continue to share a mutual admiration. Perhaps when quarantine is but a distant memory, Spears and Kardashian will rekindle their friendship and start to hit up concerts again. 



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