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Kevin Federline approves of Britney Spears’ preferred personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, with his lawyer exclusively telling E! News that Kevin thinks Jodi has "done an admirable job."


Britney Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, is weighing in on her conservatorship battle in light of a new documentary about her life.

FX released The New York Times Presents episode "Framing Britney Spears" on Friday, documenting the singer's fight with her father, Jamie Spears, over his control of her career, finances and medical care during the past 13 years.

In September 2019, Jamie requested Britney's care manager, Jodi Montgomery, replace him as temporary conservator because of his "personal health reasons."

After the decision, the "Toxic" singer was "strongly opposed" to having Jamie return and later claimed she was afraid of him, according to her lawyers. In August 2020, her legal team advocated to have Jodi remain as conservator of her person and have the Bessemer Trust Company be named the conservator of her estate.

However, in November 2020, a judge ruled to keep Jamie as co-conservator of her estate, along with adding the Bessemer Trust Company. 

On Feb. 9, Kevin's family law attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, exclusively told E! News how her ex comes into the equation, as the father of her two sons Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14.


The lawyer said, "Kevin has no involvement with regard to Britney and her attorneys asking to remove Jamie as conservator. He has stayed out of the conservatorship issues."

He suggested that Kevin approves of Jodi as her personal conservator. "He thinks Jodi Montgomery has done an admirable job and he has no other position to state with regard to the conservatorship," we learned.


Kevin's attorney said their children "are doing great and Kevin is enjoying watching them grow up and evolve." He added that he has "no idea whether the kids are aware of the documentary."

In 2019, the parents agreed on 70 percent custody for Kevin and 30 percent for Britney after a previous 50-50 split. Their custody arrangement remains the same.

"Kevin enjoys the full extent of the custody that he has. Both parties are working well in exchanging custody," the lawyer told E! News on Tuesday.


He also noted that the restraining order hasn't been violated between Jamie and his teenage grandsons. Kevin was granted a restraining order two years ago, after the dancer filed a police report alleging there was a physical altercation at Jamie's home involving Sean. It prohibited contact between Jamie and the boys, meaning they have not spoken since 2019.


A source told E! News at the time, "Britney was very upset with her dad and left with the boys. She never wants Jamie to treat her boys the way he did or to get involved with disciplining them in that way."

Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari, has also spoken publicly this week about his thoughts on the conservatorship and her legal fight against her dad. 

"Now it's important for people to understand that I have zero respect for someone trying to control our relationship and constantly throwing obstacles our way," Sam wrote on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. "In my opinion, Jamie is a total dick."

E! News has reached out to Britney's attorney for comment.

Her next court hearing is Feb. 11.

"We’ve been asked about the possibility of a collab like this for the past 20 years and today is the day," the Backstreet Boys said on the new track.


Kids of the '90s rejoice! Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys just dropped a new collaboration together.

At midnight on Friday, the 39-year-old pop songstress announced the reissue of the deluxe version of her 2016 album, Glory, which features her new song with the all-male vocal group, titled "Matches."

The electro-pop track features Spears' vocals intertwined with that of the Backstreet Boys as they sing about a dangerous love.


"'Matches' featuring my friends @BackstreetBoys is out now!!!!" Spears posted on Instagram following the song's release. "I'm so excited to hear what you think about our song together!!!! You can also listen to Glory Deluxe everywhere now ... including 'Swimming in the Stars' and the 'Mood Ring' remixes!!!! The love you guys have shown this album this year has been stupid amazing … like I can't even believe it!!! I hope it brings you joy. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!"

There have been some rumours swirling around the internet that Britney Spears was about to drop some new music and one of the tracks was a collab with another huge 90's star.

Turns out, it's the Backstreet Boys.

A pic has surfaced online on the rerelease of Brit's album 'Glory' and it has a few previously unreleased tracks on it, one of them the song 'Matches' featuring BSB.

The vinyl is apparently dropping this Friday but no official word on if this track will be a single. Fans are saying it's a test of the waters to see what the reaction would be to new music and we have to say, we'd love to see Britney back doing what she loves.


The Backstreet Boys are an added bonus!

In this franchise, we highlight album tracks that should have been released as singles.
Britney Spears found herself somewhere between girlhood and womanhood on her third LP, Britney. The pop princess ditched her school girl uniform, snug red bodysuit and cheeky innuendo in favor of a more outright sexuality as she made the move to extend her career beyond the reign of teen pop. This shift became increasingly clear over the sleek production on the project’s sensual lead single, “I’m a Slave 4 U.”
She cemented her evolution into pop’s leading temptress with a jungle-themed performance at the 2001 Video Music Awards. Dressed as a jungle fairy in a diaphanous green bikini top and bedazzled jean shorts, the hitmaker slithered across the stage with a python wrapped around her neck and grinded on a team of dancers. In the accompanying music video, she and her dancers beat the heat and delivered more sexy choreography.
Although Britney rode the more mature track into the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the upper reaches of dance charts across the globe, the album’s following singles were not as successful. The defiant “Overprotected” peaked at number 86, and each consecutive release experienced increasingly diminished returns. Despite missing the Hot 100 entirely with “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Boys,” the hitmaker embarked upon a critically acclaimed world tour and continued a heavy promotional schedule for her acting debut in Crossroads.
The lack of a breakout hit brought the album’s campaign to a close in 2002. However, she could have easily broken her string of misses had she unleashed “What It’s Like To Be Me” as an official single. The explosive pop anthem closed out the standard edition of Britney and featured writing and production from her boyfriend and NYSNC frontman, Justin Timberlake and choreographer Wade Robson. The pair crafted a tightly produced effort, on which Spears commented on her fame and how it affected her love life.
“Baby, tell me do I look like the kind of girl that you want to take home? Want to make me your own,” she emphatically challenges a potential lover on the opening lines. Her delivery is confident and almost barbed. It is as though she is tired of being burned by a string of boys and is ready to settle down with someone who understands her completely. “Baby, take the time to realize I’m not the kind to sacrifice the way I am. So if you want to be my man, walk a mile in my shoes. Do me right or I’m through. Can’t you see that if you want to stay around you’ve got to figure me out,” she declares on the blazing chorus. Fans assumed the man capable of keeping up could be Justin, who delivered backing vocals and added some beatboxing to the breakdowns.
“What It’s Like To Be Me” received a standout performance on Britney’s Dream Within A Dream Tour. In it, she and her crew worked through some impressive choreography including a dramatic slow motion segment. Add in some clever pyrotechnics, and it became a defining moment of any evening.
The pair could have easily recorded a remix of the track that added additional vocals from Justin. The re-release would have marked the couple’s first official collaboration and could have easily topped the charts on their combined star-power alone. Unfortunately, that never happened. The twosome officially ended their relationship toward the latter half of 2002. Their failed romance resulted in break-up hits “Cry Me a River” and “Everytime,” but they never got to explore their true potential in the studio together.
That may change in the future. Last year Britney Spears listed Justin as a dream collaborator, and the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” crooner seemed interested as well. After years of pain and lost love between the two, fans are still clamoring to see them reunite creatively. A new collaboration in 2018 would surely sound different from “What It’s Like To Be Me,” but the track remains as a reminder of what could have been a defining hit from some of pop’s reigning teen royalty. Revisit a performance of the fiery bop below!



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