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Sooo have you always wanted to check out a set for where Britney filmed? Well this is an actual house you can that was used for the "If U Seek Amy" music video.

Address: 14966 La Cumbre Drive in Pacific Palisades.

Apon editing the video the last 6 was dropped off but this is definitely the house due to alot of real paparazzi that followed Britney and helped give it away that day.

The house was the right fit inside plenty of room for the party scenes and out side looks like your classic 50s home completed with the white picket fence.

Source : Crystal from B.B for an article with info & pics.

Soooo Kevin Federline aka Kfed had more kids and got married again after Britney... but it's on her according to him to support the lifestyle he wants? Ummm Kevin grow up and support your damn self.

Here is TMZs "exclusive" story about it.

Kevin Federline made his own bed when he decided to have more children after divorcing Britney Spears, and it's not her problem that he's now strapped for cash and seeking more child support ... sources close to Britney tell TMZ.

K-Fed has asked a judge to up his $20,000 a month child support payment he gets from Britney, claiming their 2 kids enjoy a lavish lifestyle with her and all he can provide them with is a lifestyle that is relatively meager. He claims the kids go on 5-star vacations, they have every toy imaginable, a lighted tennis court, all because he claims she makes $34 million a year, while he only pulls in $3k a month.

One Britney source with direct knowledge of the situation tells TMZ, "Britney spends no more on the boys than he does. He's barely getting by because he has to support 3 additional kids and his wife and himself on funds Brit gives him for their 2 kids."

The source goes on, "The law is that both parents are to contribute to their children's support. Where is his contribution?"

Federline says his expenses are around $23,000 a month. So, when you add up his earnings and Britney's $20k a month, he currently breaks even.

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Britney Spears 99: The Broadcast Archive
This title will be released on July 6, 2018. 
Pre-order now.
It is $10.99USD
What we know.

The Mysterious CD on Amazon has finally been revealed and is about "The FM broadcast archive - Britney Spears 99" Live Audio CD.

" make a trip back in time to the old 1999: Britney Spears live on air. This CD contains the hits (you drive me) crazy, sometimes born to make you happy and more."

Hot off the heels of her Vegas residency, Britney Spears' hit songs are once again returning to the stage - this time in the form of a Broadway musical. While rumors started circulating last year, the pop princess has reportedly given the green light, and was recently spotted on her way to a reading of the production.

According to theater veteran Jerry Mitchell, the mastermind behind Kinky Boots and Gloria Estefan's On Your Feet!, the show won't be a biographical retelling of Brit's life - instead, her songs will inspire a unique storyline, similar to what Mamma Mia! has done with ABBA's famous hits. (Here's hoping we see at least one naughty school girl outfit, though.)

While we don't have an official debut date yet, sources say we can expect it as early as 2019. You may want to start camping out for tickets now.

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