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Jessie Malakouti formed her band Jessie and the toy boys in early 2010. And by 2011 the LA based singer /songwriter embarked on the American Leg of Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour .

Mybritneyinsider chatted to Jessie a here's what she had to say about touring with Britney, the toy boys and much more !

Jesse Toy Boys will be playing at Northalsted Market Days in Chicago on August 11th be sure to go check it out!!

M:Here at myBritneyInsider "we create trends not follow them" Do you have a motto you go by ?

J:That's a great motto! I don't have a specific motto per say, but a lyric of mine I've always loved is "can't hold back a dreamer".

M:You started in the industry when you were 15 as a dancer. Than moving on to shut up stella and now Jessie and the toy boys. How did the idea of Jessie and the toy boys come about ?

J:I just get bored easily. I like to change things up and wanted a band where I could have full creative control. Mannequins as band mates is kind of perfect for that.

M:Ok been honest here for myself been a Britney Spears fan that's when I first discovered your music . But I find it hard to define your music its really cool pop in away but not pop. How would you define yourself as an artist ?

J: I think the term "pop" is so loose now days, Like, what does pop even mean anymore? Everything is pop. When it comes to the music I make I'm all about what feels good to me. I like to experiment with different genres and blend them together.

M: Have you ever had any strange reactions or funny experiences with the "toy boys" because I'd imagine some people might be like what is she doing ?

J: Well, when it comes to my live show The Toy Boys come to life in the form of dancers and musicians. It's a lot of fun.

M:You joined Britney on the FF tour US leg (sadly not Irish or UK I really wanted to see you over here). How was the tour for you ?

J:The tour was amazing! I had a blast performing for thousands of people every night and making new fans. Britney and Nicki and the Nervo sisters were all so sweet too.

M:I'm guessing you got to meet Brit while you toured . How was that and were you star struck because for me when I met her I defiantly was?

J:I met Britney for the first time about two weeks before we left for tour. She and and I were at a club together in west Hollywood. I was definitely star struck a little bit, I mean she's an icon and I've looked up to her since I was 10 years old.

M:You've said your favorite song from FF is criminal what do you think of the Video starring not only Britney but Jason ?

J:I love the video. Britney and Jason look great together in it.

M:Been a songwriter yourself is there any other writers you've admired looked up to over the years?

J:I think Cathy Dennis is amazing. She wrote "I kissed a girl" for Katy Perry and "Toxic" for Britney as well as a few other big tunes. I'd love to meet her and write a song together with her one day.

M: You lived in the UK for a few years which do you prefer UK or LA ?

J: LA. I will always love the UK, but My heart belongs in Los Angeles.

M: What advice would you give to someone starting off in the industry

J:Work hard, and stay true to yourself.

M:Who inspires you in the industry?

J:Madonna. I hope to have a career like hers one day.

M:Out of all your songs do you have a favorite to perform ?

J:I liked performing "Let's Get Naughty" live because there is choreography with whips! It was exciting.

M:What do you have planned for 2012 any tours etc.?

J:Putting new music out. The next video/song is called "On With My Bad Self" I co- directed the video this time around too.

M: What is the last album you bought ?

J:Silver Sun Pickups "Neck of the Woods"

M:What's your show ?

J:Right now this new show on HBO called "The Newsroom"

M:What's the last movie you saw ?

J:Magic Mike. Hate to say it but I didn't really like it. tattooed on their neck. It's pretty awesome!

M:If you were to cook something at home what would it be and why ?

J:I cook a lot now actually. I make fish, pasta etc. But my to bake. I like to make apple pies.

M:What would be your perfect date night ?

J:Going on some kind of adventure. I like to be active. I prefer that to watching a movie.

M:What is the last concert you were at ?

J:I saw this band I like a lot called "Cults" in Anaheim. M:Would you like to do a movie someday?

J:I'd love to make movies. It's absolutely part of my plan!

M:Ok the question were asking everyone right now is what do you think of Britney been a judge on the X-Factor ?

J:I think it's wonderful! Britney is so electric, I'm sure she will spice up the show!

M:Jessie thank you so much for doing this interview we hope you had fun ew we hope you had fun

J:Thank you! xo


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