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While Britney is taking a Break we shall be fans still supporting her.



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Single:Slumber Party
Released: Out Now
Piece of Me Tour


Brand:Rainbow Fantasy
Released: Jan 2018
Tag line: "Dreamy and Romantic"
holiday TOUR: Britney's on Holidays
Tickets: Get Tickets here
Info: Official
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Britney Slumber Party Live

Official Britney Spears Tour Club shirt/Membership saga.

So Britney we now have mutliple different pics from US, FRANCE, CANADA and UK (so far none have arrived in Australia otherwise mine would be pictured) same with the Hoodies seems only shirts so far. team we want to be tagged in your posts like @Bradlyspears on Twitter don't hold back.

This is crazy this cheaply made shirt is meant to be worth $40USD ($75USD for Hoodie) as let's face it the pre sale code joke doesn't count.

I mean did any fans actually get to use this code and get a ticket worth keeping? most we have come across sold that ticket if they did get lucky to be able to use and sold to get a better ticket during Public sales later or resales at a higher price.

Mine experience for example the show I was after tickets for went on sale around 3am Australian time and sold out in minutes so I was unable to use my code and now at some point will receive this very crappy shirt a local shirt place would make for $5 for the print not the $40USD I paid which was coverted to AUS on the day so was a lot more in which I am embarrassed to state given the low quality that amount of money is worth in this disappointing shirt.

It's time is Fans got some real support and we get a real shirt that.

*: fits and runs in actual size choosen
*: I dunno has Britneys face on it?
*: is worth over $5 to make
*: fans who didn't join the club will and not laugh at the fans who did.

Continue to spread the word and let's get the attention of Britney and her team lets not let them brush this off if they don't think it's an issue.

Please follow this link and sign the Petition,

If you have a shirt please either post a comment on our facebook or in the comments of the Petition.

and next spread this post and direct fans to us so we can get Britney and the Management Team to get this fix and give us the refund we should be getting or provide us with a Shirt as described "FREE OF CHARGE"

This is so unfair that we are die hard fans have had to take these steps to get this sorted as fans especially for as long as most of us have been we deserve better. So please TEAM BRITNEY so us you care.

This is how the shirt was described upon purchase. 

"Join the Britney Tour Club for the opportunity to get tickets before everyone else to Britney's award-winning Piece of Me show when it comes to select cities across the US, Europe and the UK this summer!

Presales start on January 25 @ 10am local venue time and Britney Tour Club members will also receive exclusive merchandise!"

"Exclusive Piece of Me 2018 t-shirt" $40 USD or "Exclusive Piece of Me 2018 hoodie" $75 USD

Britney Spears management please explain... and please respond that us fans didn't pay for this as the "official tour club shirt"

tour club shirt 1

If so I'd suggest a link as to where to go for free returns and full refunds... if a new shirt isn't sent out ASAP.
with I dunno Britney's face atleast and the tour dates or something??

tour club shirt 2

If you have paid for this shirt we want your pictures hopefully if enough of us share our reactions on social media it will have to be corrected by the Britney Spears management.

(*1st shirt pic belongs to Bree from Britney's Bitches) 2nd shirts posted online all over.



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