There are some celebrities you always expect to see at the Met Gala and those who seem to prefer a quiet night at home. On Saturday, May 28, pop icon Britney Spears revealed she was one of the latter. Apparently, Spears was supposed to walk the steps this year, making her debut. But she posted on Instagram that she decided to skip it.


Britney shared a video of herself posing in her living room in what looked like a short red one-piece with long sleeves, covered in a pattern of black hearts, and some chunky black boots. She moved back and forth at different angles for viewers and showed off her little cat, who could also be seen wandering in the background at one point.

In the caption, Spears wrote, “I was gonna go to Met Gala but instead I got in the tub with my dog and put pjs on !!! I hate flying !!!”