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In a video showing off her "New ...Baby One More Time outfit," a.k.a. a tied-up white button down and green plaid skirt, the pop star wrote a message to Jamie Lynn in the caption.

After Jamie Lynn Spears said she “felt like an afterthought” in her sister’s shadow, Britney Spears took to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 18) to set the record straight.
In a video showing off her “New …Baby One More Time outfit,” a.k.a. a tied-up white button down and green plaid skirt, the pop star wrote a message to Jamie Lynn in the caption. “In life a lot of people say “DO I MATTER ????” … try eating alone for 4 months morning [sun emoji] … noon [clock emoji] … and night [moon emoji] Jamie Lynn,” she wrote.
“I asked myself every day ‘DOES ANYBODY CARE ??? WTF ??? DO I MATTER ???’ I would honestly be very interested to see your pretty face in the setting I was forced to be in and asking yourself ‘DO I MATTER ???'” she continued. “I didn’t get to cry [crying emoji] … I had to be strong … TOO STRONG [muscle flex emoji] !!!”
Britney concluded with a final message assuring her sister, “So yes … YOU DO MATTER and don’t you ever think for one f–king second you don’t,” she said.”
See Britney’s latest post here.
The post comes just one day after Jamie Lynn appeared on an episode of Spotify’s Call her Daddy podcast in which she described to host Alex Cooper what it felt like growing up with a worldwide superstar older sister.
“I always felt like an afterthought, I literally was, I just learned to stay out of the way,” Jamie Lynn told Cooper. “I was so proud of her, I was like I know how hard she worked and I admired her, and it was so cool I got to witness the coolest things watching her live out her dreams. So for me it was like stay out of the way and let this experience happen because this was the goal everyone wanted and they got it so I just need to not mess anything up for anybody.”
And though Jamie’s Things I Should Have Said memoir roll-out has led to a public rift between the sisters, Jamie Lynn noted that Britney’s legendary work ethic has been “nothing but an inspiration to me” and that she truly does not feel jealous of her sister’s success. “I got to experience watching a woman take over the f—ing world. How can I be jealous of that?” she said.



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