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Britney Spears' mother, Lynne, just shared a photo of one of the singer's sons holding hands with their longtime African-American bodyguard, Lonnie, calling him the children's 'Superhero.'

I wanted to share one of my favorite family photos of the man who has been a constant in my 2 grandsons lives since they were babies. He loves our boys unconditionally, and we love him the same, because we are blessed they have such a good Godly man as an influence in their lives, and we are all better for knowing him. Love sees no color, just like my grandson looking up to his big superhero in this photo.


Lynne Spears posted on Facebook, she wanted to point out the positive impact this person has had on her grandkid's life and to remind all of Britney's fans 'love see no color.'

The picture was taken when Britney's Boy was a toddler and shows Lonnie holding the youngster's hand as he plays in the ocean's waves.

Can I also just add I get to se Lonnie's social postings too and its very true the man has a great impact his post can take your day from being down to an uplifting one in a simple post from him, while its not just to be but to all who can see his words can touch you so much. Blessed to be able to see that part of such a kind and caring man.




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