As by now you guys have seen the posts and other sites reporting on the fact that Jamie Spears won the court battle over what was being said on the other so called fan site of Britney's.

Let's just say this... as Fans we support Britney and we choose to not be apart of the freebritney thing as promoted by that site. Britney herself has said on camera herself to trust her and support her and to stop with the treats to her family as its hurtful to her... and her family. So we just wanted to take the time to say we have seen the article's and are choosing to continue to support Britney and what she her self has asked for to give her time off to enjoy life for the first time in years.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays and please follow Britney's lead. Support her and her music. You don't have to support her boyfriend, management team or family but we can also be good fans and not attack them.

We love you Britney always

Team MBI