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Here is goosipcop and the story but these guys are good for posting these as fact or fiction and this is fiction.


Is Britney Spears secretly engaged to Sam Asghari and “seriously thinking” about having a third child with him via a surrogate? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively correct the story. We’re told it’s not true.

According to NW, “Britney is ready for her next adventure, another baby.” The tabloid writes, “Rumor has it that the pop princess has secretly become engaged to her model boyfriend” and the two are now “planning to add to their family, this time using a surrogate.” The repeatedly disproven magazine maintains it has a “source” who knows “she’s already found a woman close to her family home in Louisiana who is willing to carry a baby for her.” The same supposed tipster adds that Spears has also “been looking into gender-selection IVF treatments” because she wants a daughter.

To make its case for why she would use a surrogate, the magazine alleges that since she’s had “postnatal depression” in the past, Spears is worried being pregnant again would bring about some of those issues for her. “She is feeling good mentally these days, but she doesn’t want to leave anything to chance,” asserts the purported “source,” who notes everyone around her agrees surrogacy is the “best option.” The publication ends its article by contending life is good now for Spears because she has a “rumored ring on her finger and the potential for a daughter to complete her family.”

Of course, if the tabloid truly had an insider, it wouldn’t have to couch its claims with phrases like “rumor has it” Spears is engaged and planning to use a surrogate. Nor would the singer be wearing a “rumored ring.” Comically, 11 months ago, the same exact publication stated definitively that Spears got engaged to Asghari on her birthday. At the time, an insider told Gossip Cop it was untrue and naturally time has proven us right.

Curiously, in the December 2017 article, which also speculated they were going to get married last Christmas, NW made a point of stating Spears’ dad was “trying to put the brakes” on their engagement because he was “concerned about Sam’s motives.” Now the forgetful tabloid claims, “Britney’s family like[s] him… even her dad.” Perhaps the oddest thing about this new report is that it makes no mention whatsoever about Spears being urged to go back to rehab, and yet that was a cover story from the same outlet just a month ago. Basically, the magazine prints one made-up tale after another.

Gossip Cop doesn’t publish rumors. We investigate them. Again we checked in with impeccable Spears insider, who has helped us accurately separate fact from fiction for close to a decade, and we’re assured there’s absolutely “no truth” to the tabloid’s report about the singer being secretly engaged and using a surrogate for a third child.



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