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While Britney is taking a Break we shall be fans still supporting her.



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Brand:Rainbow Fantasy
Released: Jan 2018
Tag line: "Dreamy and Romantic"
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Britney Slumber Party Live

It's so sweet that Britney has this family with the best intentions on her side and being so supportive. Here is what Kate said and the link to the full interview.


In December 2021, the Hudson siblings joined forces to sing a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” in honour of Britney Spears turning 40. The Instagram video was well received by the pop star, who reposted the clip on her own profile. In recent months, Spears has taken to sharing photos and thoughts about Hudson’s family, in particular praising Kate and Oliver’s mum, celebrated actor Goldie Hawn. “She’s f*cking God to me,” the music icon wrote in November, alongside a picture she posted of Hawn.

“It’s so sweet. She’s very loving towards our whole family,” Hudson says. “I think that’s wonderful because clearly she wants to create a loving family for herself and she feels close to… us and, you know, is very vocal about it. I love it. She’s a sweetheart.”

The Britney Spears x Elvis Presley "Toxic Las Vegas: Jamieson Shaw Remix" mash-up from the "Elvis" movie will be released this Friday in celebration of Elvis Presley's birthday. 🎶


How many times does Britney say the word "Baby" on her albums? #BritneyArmy if you have ever wanted to know... here you go.

So we all know what we did and helped prevent Jamie Lynn cashing in on Britney.... now it seems we will have to be ready to do it again this time it's Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears doing it...

Yep we are not kidding they are writing a book about Britney to do one last cash grab surely as let's not forget... Sean Preston is 17... money stops at 18 and Jayden James is 16. Money train is running out.

Let's so what we do best Britney Army let's make sure upon release people know just what the money they spend buying it is supporting.

Once we get more details we will post.



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