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We all know Britney would be the best choice so sign away... is so hopefully this will happen and anything we can do to help we will.

Posted on 18 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider

 Winner... congrats Britney



Teen Choice Awards 2015 - Britney Spears Wins Candie's Choice Style Icon (Full Show)

Posted by It's Britney Bitch on Sunday, August 16, 2015


Posted on 17 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider


Posted on 17 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider

Britney is going to appear in the fifth episode of season 2 of the show...


The show airs on the CW network..

Posted on 16 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider

Source  billboard interview

It was announced earlier this week that the pop princess will guest-star on The CW's cult hit Jane the Virgin this season, and no one is more excited than Jane herself, Gina Rodriguez, who said Spears "is my childhood."


"I just want to do the dance from '...Baby One More Time' with her on set ... and record it," Rodriguez told People magazine. "I want to do that so badly!"

Posted on 16 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider

Britney Spears and her niece Lexie had the cutest girls day! The 33-year-old pop star took some time out from her residency in Las Vegas to play dress up with her brother Bryan's daughter. On Thursday Britney posted the pic of the duo on her Instagram with the caption “Feeling pretty, feeling summery, feeling pretty summer in our dresses.” The photo show’s the pop superstar wearing a pink dress, while her niece sports a dress with floral print.

Following the sweet pic of Spears and her niece playing dress up, she shared another picture of the two enjoying a tub full of bubbles. The diva showed that she knows how to spend time with all the kids close to her.

Posted on 16 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider

Chris worked with Britney on her Britney Jean album, and has come out defending her and others use of backing tracks for live shows. in a recent interview he did.

here is the interview where he talks about Britney and being in the studio with her.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Chris said: ''Proper pop was much better when people mimed. As a producer, you spend weeks and weeks trying to make this thing sound absolutely perfect for people to listen to and love and then the poor artist goes on TV and is meant to sing it live in one take at nine in the morning. It's nonsense."

Chris went on to say "The focus should be about putting on an amazing show."

''Even Michael Jackson had things on track. It's about a show you know. It annoys me when people attack pop-stars. Pop stars are not there to be Mario Lanza (an American tenor), they're there to be a fantastic pop star.''

'We spent a day in the studio and the rest of the time I was editing and working back at my place. She was really sweet and really hard working. She stayed for hours giving me what I wanted and I put her through her paces, and I really do think I got one of the best vocals out of her that she's ever done. 

''I was really proud of it. It was a lot of hard work, I spent five or six days just on the vocals, but I wanted to show everybody that she can really sing this.''

Posted on 07 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider

 Thoughts on "Pretty Girls" being added and "I wanna go" going from the setlist of ‪#‎PieceOfMe‬ show?

Tweet us @TeamMBI

Posted on 07 Aug 2015 by mybritneyinsider
Format: mp4
Resolution:  1080 x 720
Size: 6.6 mb
Duration: 27s
Format:  mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Size: 9.4 mb
Duration: 30s
Format:  mp4
Resolution:  1920 x 1080
Size: 10.9 mb
Duration: 34s
Format:  mp4
Resolution:  1080 x 720
Size: 5.0 mb
Duration: 21s
Format:  mp4
Resolution:  1920 x 1080
Size: 7.0 mb
Duration: 27s

Source :
Posted on 29 Jan 2015 by mybritneyinsider


The second part of the Anthology reexamines the "Oops I Did It Again", the 
second album Britney. The "I Am Not Innocent" brings different versions from those of the official album, and remixes. Download now and stay tuned for "I Am Not Innocent - Remixes and Lives."
01 Stronger (Zachary Gordon-Abraham Version)
02 Oops! ... I Did It Again (Cajjmere Wray X-Tended MixVideo Edit)
03 What U See (Is What U Get)
04 Can not Make You Love Me (Vhjmd Holotekor Remix)
05 Do not Let Me Be The Last To Know (Azza Remix)
06 Lucky
07 Where Are You Now (Lite Version)
08 One Kiss from You
09 Do not Go Knockin 'On My Door
10 Girl In The Mirror (KI Crush Edit)
11 When Your Eyes Say It
12 You Got It All
13 Dear Diary
14 Heart
15 Walk On By
16 Oops! ... I Did It Again (Old Demo)
17 Stronger (Legendary Remix)
18 Oops! ... I Did It Again (Blue Stahli & H! T! T Bootleg)
19 (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction - Oops! ... I Did It Again (Live 2000 MTV VMA)
Total size:  149 MB
File:  mp3 (zip)
Quality : 128-320 kbps
Total Duration : 68 minutes


Posted on 29 Jan 2015 by mybritneyinsider

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