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 Britney & David went to The Cheesecake Factory in Thousand Oaks, California for lunch, It was reported that they walked out & forgot to settle their bill.

The couple had an appetizer and a salad before telling the waitress that her bodyguard would pay the $30 bill and leaving with a doggie bag of leftovers. But the security guard never gave the waitress any money, as he thought Britney had paid.

Turns out it was a simple mistake and all has been sorted.

Posted on 21 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
So lets ignore the mtv snubbing of not nominating work bitch.. for what ever crazy reason that they don't want the epic #BritneyArmy tuning in. Lets celebrate the legendary @britneyspears and watch her epic film clips on vevo.
Posted on 19 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

This video shows the fun that was had during the interview.. Also mentioned by Zac is just how shy Britney is but also friendly but very Shy... did we mentioned Britney is shy.. Its cute to know she's so very much feeling like the rest of us when we see her and are the same.

Enjoy the video fellow Britney fans. 

Posted on 17 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
Posted on 17 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

"@morningshowon7: Coming up on #TMS7: The Aussie taking over Hollywood as a back-up dancer for mega star @britneyspears! @zacbrezenas #britneyspears" This is the tweet the show aired just before it went to air.

We even got our tweet rt by the show @morningshowon7 thanks guys and for the follow @sunrise. 

We will try to get video up soon of the show.

Posted on 16 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Posted on 14 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Posted on 14 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Posted on 14 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
Posted on 12 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

#Operatives, it's your mission to get ready for the weekend with some great music from #CovertAffairs. Check out the #SpySounds Spotify playlist:


Posted on 12 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

So #BritneyArmy thanks to gossip cop.. we know just how bogus this new or should we say old story reprinted is.. lol read the entertainment below. -mbi 

“Britney Spears and David Lucado are set to tie the knot over Thanksgiving,” claims the National Enquirer. The supermarket tabloid alleges the pop star is “already checking out St. Helena Catholic Church in Amite City, La., close to her hometown of Kentwood,” for the big day.

“Britney is sure she’s found Mr. Right at last,” a “close pal” tells the Enquirer, noting that “Britney’s determined to have a ‘proper’ wedding this time.” “She wants the white gown, the church and to be surrounded by family and loved ones,” says the outlet’s supposed source.

And the magazine further claims that Spears and Lucado have already hashed out a prenup “that will give him just $800,000 a year for every year of married life.” “He says her fortune is all hers,” spills the Enquirer snitch. The tab’s alleged insider adds, “They plan on announcing their engagement in the next few weeks.”

Funny — the Enquirer seems to have forgotten all about its bogus December report claiming Spears and Lucado were engaged and planning a Hawaiian wedding.

It wasn’t true seven months ago, and it’s still not true now.

Pretty sad that since the Enquirer story didn’t work out the first time, they’re trying it again and seemingly hoping for different results.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity?
-Gossip Cop

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
"@britneyspears: Coming soon...Fantasy Stage Edition! Same amazing scent, special limited ed bottle inspired by my fave performances 💋"
Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

The wonderful Taryn Manning shared this wonderful photo of her, with Britney Spears and Zoe Saldana, great photo Ladies

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Billboard wants to know which superstar has the best fan base! Show 'em what's up and vote for Britney Spears' #Spearleaders now: (I know, I know... it should be #BritneyArmy. Vote anyway!) "

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
We are loyal fans not about hurting Britney just for some site hits... yes the track can be found all over the net now amd yes we have listed but its Britneys lay down for William its unpolished vocals its not meant to be her at her best. So called fans reposting and bad mouthing her vocals are not fans at all. William Orbit, has even taken to his Facebook to defend Britney. Explaining in a statement that the recording was simply a “vocal warm-up”. He also said that whoever leaked the unedited vocals did so “in the spirit of unkindness”. We will not be posting it... we are proud Britney Army. Read Orbit’s statement below: “Dearest Music Lovers, I have heard that Britney vocal link that everybody’s been discussing. It has been impossible not to as there have been many comments directing my attention to it. . I’d like to affirm that ANY singer when first at the mic at the start of a long session can make a multitude of vocalisations in order to get warmed up. Warming up is essential if you’re a pro, as it is with a runner doing stretches, and it takes a while to do properly. I’ve heard all manner of sounds emitted during warmups. The point is that it is not supposed to be shared with millions of listeners. A generous singer will put something down the mic to help the engineer get their systems warmed up and at the right level, maybe whilst having a cup of herb tea and checking through lyrics before the session really kicks off. It’s not expected to be a ‘take’. I think that 99% of you reading this will totally understand.Whomever put this on the internet must have done so in a spirit of unkindness, but it can in no way detract from the fact that Britney is and always will be beyond Stellar! She is magnificent! And that’s that. Sincerely, William”.
Posted on 08 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
Posted on 04 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

Britney didn't comment on the "breakup rumors" instead this picture says all... her & David still very much together just like we said in a below post.

The image shows Britney wearing a snorkelling mask and smiling for the camera alongside a topless Lucado.


So fellow Britney fans remember the site that doesn't post false stories on Britney.

Posted on 04 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider
Posted on 01 Jul 2014 by mybritneyinsider

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